Vision: Lead the innovation of products that 1) protect water resources, and
2) boost agricultural growth in times of marked water scarcity and
surging global food demands.

At mOasis, we specialize in innovative crop science to address current challenges to irrigated agriculture. Using proprietary chemistry, we manufacture BountiGel™ a non­‐toxic, next-generation soil additive that allows growers to optimize water resources for maximized crop yields. Our aim is to promote economic and environmental sustainability in American agriculture.

Recognizing that agriculture is a vital component of
America’s identity, we help growers improve crop
yields and optimize water usage to enhance economic
sustainability and better provide for the future.

Every crop has a story. Every grower has a story.

At mOasis, we create next-generation soil additives to improve economic and environmental sustainability in agriculture. Let’s write the future of American agriculture... together.


Industries we’re poised to influence via crop science innovation.

In 2011, the President’s Budget provided $23.9 billion in discretionary funding for agriculture, with a focus on the development of innovative agricultural research. We are pioneering cost­‐effective solutions for sustainable farming to ensure food security and reduce water use—all part of a concerted effort to protect and manage agricultural land. We also work in collaboration with municipal water utilities and USDA conservation programs (as well as state and federal governments) to promote the continued global competitiveness of American food and agricultural sectors.


At mOasis, we specialize in advanced crop science to address current challenges to irrigated agriculture. By treating soil with BountiGel™, our innovative, next-generation soil additive, growers can remedy issues like limited soil moisture capacity, low germination, and marginal yields. By optimizing plant growth, growers can achieve more marketable yields. BountiGel™ allows growers to increase profits by maximizing yields and saving on costs generated by water for irrigation and irrigation‐related labor. With our advanced products we aim to allow American growers to generate savings and profits to enhance the economic sustainability of established and new farming practices.

Environmentally‐Conscious Food Production

The rising trend of consumer social awareness in the food supply industry has greatly impacted the way that corporations source food. Today consumers across all sectors not only demand great products at affordable prices, but they also demand that the products they consume are produced with minimal harm to the environment. With our next-generation soil additive products, we aim to allow commercial farms, production, packaging, and distribution companies to produce and source food that has been grown using the latest water conservation technology.

Grower Testimonials:

We observed consistently greater tomato fruit
height and width in the treated plots.
- Center for Irrigation Technology, Fresno State University (Fresh Tomato Field Study)

...even at a low rate...
one can reduce irrigation levels by 25% with increased yields.
- Irrigation Management Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Imperial County (Broccoli Field Study)

It seems clear that shanking in BountiGel™ ... at a 6-­‐inch
depth can have a positive impact on yield under both full and reduced irrigation levels.
- Irrigation Management Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Imperial County (Sudangrass Field Study)

Savings on inputs and labor along with an increase in revenue will
directly affect how we conduct our business in the future.
- Tom McMillan, CFO at Lagorio Farming Co. Inc., and CFO at Ace Tomato Co. Inc. (Fresh Tomato Pilot)

...we gained higher yields, larger fruit size,
increased quality and more boxes to the acre.
- Chris Lagorio, Owner and Vice President at Lagorio Farming Co. Inc. (Fresh Tomato Pilot)

The lettuce yield was much higher than average
for romaine lettuce in Riverside County.
- Hector Rochin, Manager at Kono Farms (Romaine Lettuce Pilot)



25% higher crop yields, 20% reduced water loads, 15% savings on water related energy utilities


Advanced technology. Simple product. With BountiGel™, we aim to be the market leader in the
development and manufacture of next-generation moisture retention products that offer the
highest yields improvements for American growers.

Performance Description

Previous generations of polymers and hydrogels developed to improve water use efficiency faced issues with consistency in performance and high costs, which limited their use. We manufacture BountiGel™ as a breakthrough product that provides three important traits for agricultural use: (1) it is non­‐toxic, (2) it has an extended lifespan in soil, and (3) it is cost-effective for growers.

BountiGel™ increases crop yields while decreasing evaporation, drainage and runoff in soils beyond the root zone. In soils treated with BountiGel™ next-generation soil additive, plants have access to water when they need it. By increasing soil moisture capacity, our innovative products reduce water stress between irrigation events and remedy frequency and cost issues encountered with flood-based and drip­based watering. Thus, by using BountiGel™, farmers can achieve higher quality, higher volume, and more marketable crops with fewer waterings. With BountiGel™, growers generate real savings on water and water-related labor costs, while increasing post­harvest profits from maximized crop yields.


Treated vs Control

We have validated both liquid and particle formulations of BountiGel™ through field trials conducted at University of California Cooperative Extensions (UC Davis) and California State University, Fresno (Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology). We have also verified the performance of BountiGel™ when applied at scale during pilot trials sponsored by commercial farms in California. Through field and pilot testing with a host of performance partners and a strong community of growers, we have confirmed the effectiveness of BountiGel™ next-generation soil additive for a variety of crop and soil types.

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Community of Partners:

Stanford University Fresno State University UC Berkeley UC Davis Iowa State University University of California Cooperative Extensions United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Center for Irrigation Technology (California State University Fresno) Earth University, Costa Rica

Community of Growers:

AJ Carvalho and Sons Avoca Bottom BBTown Hills Burford Ranch Calico Farms CB Hills
Chalee Produce Circle G Ranch Farm and Land Co. Five Points Ranch Grizzle Farms
James Diedrich Farms Jerry Brown Ranch Jones Farms Kono Farms Lagorio Farms
Maribella Farms Neola Bottom Randy and Christina Farms Rominger Bros. Farms
Sano Farms Sudduth Farms Westbase Farms


Steven Hartmeier


Steven is Chief Executive Officer of mOasis and actively manages the overall growth and operations of the company, and brings deep experience in introducing novel products to the agricultural market. Prior to joining mOasis in September 2013, Steven was President, CEO, and Director at Vestaron Corporation, a leader in the development of innovative biopesticides. He was also CEO and Director of NGB Markets, an agricultural technology company, President of Suterra LLC, one of the largest and fastest growing biorational pest control providers in the world, and has held senior roles at Verdant Brands, Consep, and Monsanto. Steven holds a B.S. in Plant Science, Vegetable Crops emphasis, from UC Davis.

Nai-Hong Li

Co-Founder and CSO

Nai­‐Hong is a senior polymer scientist who has dedicated his career to the development of novel soil additive chemistries and leads scientific innovation at mOasis. Before co-­‐founding mOasis in 2010, Mr. Li was previously Director of research at Polygenetics Inc., and Vice President and Co-­‐Founder of WL Polymers Ltd. Nai-­‐Hong received his Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry from Nan Kai University, China.

Board of Directors

Nai‐Hong Li


Steven Hartmeier


Marty Reed

Principal at The Roda Group

Dan Miller

Managing Director at The Roda Group

Dean Oestreich

Former President and Chairman of Pioneer Hi-Bred

Advisory Board

Audrey MacLean

Chairman at CORAID and Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford School of Engineering

William F. Goure

Director of Business Development and Global Expansion at Monsanto

mOasis is privately held


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